About Us

Power Trio Jester Jigs is excited to announce their newest project: Bull By The Horns. This song takes all of their experience of song-writing, recording, performing and maturing musically over the last 25 years, and brings you a new sound for the band! From the wild, exciting sounds of Matt Blauss’s guitar playing, his direct and to the point song writing, Sean Blauss’s tight and precise skills on bass to Ty McCarthy’s multi layered drumming and percussive elements, this new single will demand attention and be on repeat for listeners.

Even with all of Jester Jigs' albums, Jester Jigs (self-titled album), The Cat, Brain Father, Stick It, Banzai Gigolo and Party Time! The band has always been evolving musically. With influences spanning many genres including the early days of rock & Roll, to hip hop, pop and the grunge movement of the 90’s Jester Jigs brings an element that only a power Trio of 1980’s born, self-taught musicians can achieve. We cover songs from countless generations in their live performances and are always sure to show their fans a taste of our own music as well.

Jester Jigs formed in 2000. Relentless practice followed. Jester Jigs started recording for their first lp with producer Dana Colly, from the popular Boston, MA band Morphine. After completing the first self-titled LP Jester Jigs started playing all over New England. Performing shows from Boston to fall river MA, Burlington VT, up and down their home state of NH and everywhere in between. After several studio albums, Jester Jigs finally found its sound with 2008's Album, Brainfather. Performing a mix of 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's rock, a couple punk hits, and pop covers, you can now find them playing over 100 shows a year. They are driven to entertain with a set list consisting of your favorite party songs, rock anthems, fun hip-hop and pop covers along with an endless supply of originals when called upon. Follow Jester Jigs on all major streaming platforms to hear their newest single, “Bull By The Horns” as well as many of their latest releases!